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All about becoming pilot

Our main objective is providing detailed information for pilot candidates in all phases of their career. You can find some main topics as below; please visit our other pages for detailed explanations about pilot certification, requirements, and flight school directory.

Why do you want to become a pilot?

There are 3 types Pilot Licences (Or in US called as Certificates)which have differences about qualifying of flying purposes. If you would learn to fly for hobby, sport aviation or non-commercially(with a small body aircarft); Private Pilot License will be enough for you. But if you would become an airline pilot or fly for any other commercial transportation; you need to obtain an Air Transportation Pilot Licence(ATPL) or Commercial Pilot License(CPL).

Medical Certification

Applicants need to know that if they are fit for attending a flight school. For medical requirements; medical examination must be done by an Aviation Medical Examiner.(Detailed informations are on ICAO Annex-1, JAR(EU) FCL-3, Part-67(FAA) or your country's own regulations) Generally, medical checks are done before starting flight training. Flight School may assist you about medical examiners where you can get your medical certificate.

Find and Choose Flight School

Firstly, applicant needs to decide if he/she would start a flight school on abroad or hometown. In the most of countries, there are many alternative flight schools. Some main questions need to checked before decide your school. Is Flight Course authorised for FAA or EASA or ICAO ? How long does it take to get Pilot Certificate? When is the Flight School's next course period,date of start/finish? What is the price of flight course which you would attend? What is payment conditions? Does Flight school has any employment agreement with any airlines?

Study to learn and Study to Pass Exams

After applicants choose and start a flight school, we can call them as "student pilots". It means that hardworking process has already started. They should study systematiclly if they would pass their licence exams and have a good theoric knowledge before they start their airline career. Also, they need to be careful and enthusiastic while they have their flight trainings and examinations. For example, For CPL Students; 14 ground lessons and exams will be waiting for them(As a mission of passing ATPL Licence). Also, after 250 hours training flights you will have to pass check flight.


"Boeing Predicts 'Exponential Increase in Global Demand for Pilots, Mechanics"

Pilot and Technician Outlook (Boeing)

The 2014 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook projects that 533,000 new commercial airline pilots and 584,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed to fly and maintain the world fleet over the next 20 years.Read more....


"An useful tool for pilots and flight dispatchers: netOCC"

Flight watch is now easier with netOCC

netOCC is an aviation website, where metar, terminal area forecast (TAF), significant weather charts, wind and temperature charts provided. Further more, aviators can talk with each other online help with chat feature. Also, aviation related notes can be shared for future flight operations.For details visit netocc.com

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